Nichols Crawford Taylor – LEAP 1500 Final Zine

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Faculty mentor: Seetha Veeraghanta

Artist’s Statement: This is a final for the Leap 1500 class, a Zine written from interviews with a partner in class. We interviewed on various subjects, such as identity, background, and things we thought were important for others to know about us. We wrote story projects, and read zines throughout the semester, based on these interviews.

A zine is a self published magazine, made in a more unusual style, typically about more unusual topics. Though the zines created in this class do not address the complex issues of inequality, racism, and gender norms found in many other zines, through this exercise we have learned how to create our own.

My zine is based on Usman’s story, who immigrated from Pakistan when he was very young. He grew up in Salt Lake City, and now attends the U. It covers his experience with Covid, his experience with race as a person of color, and his hobbies, goals and aspirations. I hope this piece can help you get to know Usman as well as I have, because it has been a pleasure.

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