Emmy Darling, Taylor Jones, Kaelan Maxfield, Emily Tippets – Youth Suicides in Salt Lake County

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Faculty mentor: Joshua Rivkin

In our project, we discuss youth suicide within Salt Lake County in three main parts. First, we start off by discussing the issue of suicide for Utah followed by how teens are the most affected by suicide and the factors that lead up to suicide. After this, we discuss transparency issues on the data and information that connects to both the resources and numbers of suicides within the county. Finally solutions are discussed on how we can solve and mitigate suicides overall for the state of Utah.

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Questions or comments? Contact us at:
Taylor Jones taylorjensenjones@icloud.com, Emmy Darling: darling11560@gmail.com,
Kaelan Maxfield: maxfieldkaelan@gmail.com, Emily Tippets: EmilTipp9517@gmail.com

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