April Radford, Eddie Raines, Aubrey Terry – Air Quality and Income Inequality in Salt Lake City Schools

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Faculty mentor: Joshua Rivkin

We synthesized data from fine particulate matter censors near schools throughout the SLC school district and data from the free and reduced lunch program at each school. In the file that we submitted, there is a URL that will take you to our original StoryMap article, where you can use the interactive features of our map. This project illustrates the ways that certain communities within SLC suffer more adverse consequences of our air pollution problem than others.

Click below to hear us present our poster!
Questions or comments? Contact us at:
 April aradford@sa.utah.edu,
Eddie u1313193@umail.utah.edu,
Aubrey u1266932@umail.utah.edu

View the StoryMap: https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/dd78273df55647e2b3027ffe3173b20c

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