Performance #7: Tervela Georgieva – You Miss One Hundred Percent of the Shots

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Faculty mentor: Michael Gills

Artist’s Statement: Hello, all! My name is Tervela Georgieva. I’m a third year student in the Honors College pursuing an English degree. I’m a member of the Honors Novel Writing Workshop and currently working on a novel titled You Miss One Hundred Percent of the Shots. The novel tells the story of how the path of four teenagers, three hockey playing boys and a budding artist girl, meet in a terrible act that leaves none of them the same. It is written using four different points of view, one for each of the above characters; alongside which a portion is written in third person omniscient. The following performance is an excerpt of each boy’s POV the night before their playoffs begin.

This excerpt seeks to explore topics that I, as a writer, have uncovered through the writing process as something I felt the need to give room to exist. Topics such as mental health struggles for young men in sports and locker room culture that I’ve observed from years of being a spectator of hockey.

Watch my performance below!
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