Performance #2: Abigail Raasch – Movement for Actors: Practice, Performance, & Collaboration

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Faculty mentor: Natalie Desch

Artist’s Statement: Movement in life is vital to live fully. Movement in theater is vital to helping stories be told to their fullest. Movement is what brought eight people together to create this devised work that is forever logged in a screen dance format for all to enjoy. I am proud of this work and all it has brought about in terms of meaning, purpose, and the power of a full commitment within a human.

This piece you are about to experience is a 15-minute excerpt of a 30-minute dance film entitled, Grey Area. This is the product of a collective collaboration-based effort among different students within the College of Fine Arts. I was handed this beautiful group of people coming from the School of Dance, Actor Training Program, and the Musical Theatre Program. These three programs had students collaborating together to create a meaningful piece of work that will hopefully demonstrate to you the power in coming together to create.

Grey Area spurred from my Undergraduate Research based on a thesis of Movement for Actors: Practice, Performance, & Collaboration. The script you are about to witness was completely devised from the personal interviews and interests of the artists and myself. We focused on themes of life, all in an effort to create one major series with many chapters.

grey area…
“What makes you feel powerful enough to talk about?
Interpersonal Relationships.
Complicated is a simple thing.
How you were raised?
Knowing the source of the fire doesn’t make the building stand back up again.
To feel To feel To feel.”

*Please note, if students partnered together they were roommates or significant others.

Watch my performance below!
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