Jean Aguirre – Field Practicums During COVID-19

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Faculty mentor: Rachel Borup

Hi, my name is Jean Aguirre and I am currently a student here at the University of Utah. Before I begin, I want to briefly define field practicum, a key term and primary focus of my research project. Wichita State University defines field practicum as a “field education program designed to integrate classroom study with practice in a social work setting.” For my Symposium Project assigned in my LEAP 1140 Health Professions course, I wanted to explore the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on field practicum, more specifically the effects COVID-19 has had on graduating university students involved in healthcare field practicum. To accomplish this task, I interviewed my sister Monique Aguirre, a research associate at the University of Utah who served 2 months at a rehabilitation center working as a social worker. Additionally, I conducted research using the Marriott Library’s database to find perspectives concerning field practicum from fourth-year medical and pharmacy students alike. My research aimed to provide insight into the question, “How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected graduating university students in their respective field practicum?” 

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