LEAP Showcase


Welcome to the LEAP symposium.  This event enables our undergraduates, most of whom are first year students, to share their ideas, discoveries, and artistic expressions with the campus and larger community.  We encourage you to explore the variety of projects ranging from zines, infographics, and posters to oral presentations or creative works and performances representing research and reflections relating to students’ personal or professional development or interests.  Thank you to the Office of Undergraduate Research for their help in putting this together and to our faculty and peer advisors for supporting our students during this challenging year.  Congratulations, students!


Rachel Borup – Health Professions LEAP

Jean Aguirre – Field Practicums During COVID-19

Salar Ahmed – How COVID-19 Has Impacted The Global Muslim Community

Ciara Anderson – COVID-19 and College Learning

Jaucalyn Boone – COVID-19 and Online Learning Impact on Elementary Students

Claire Brooks – Effects of COVID-19 on the Healthcare of Pregnant Women

Sara Cademartori – The Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health

Aspen Caldwell – How COVID-19 affects nurses’

Melanie Carter – The Impact of COVID-19 on Weddings

Brian Chuong – Bereavement and COVID-19

Hannah Donovan – Effect of COVID-19 on Healthcare Workers

Emily Edwards – Healthcare Workers Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Erin Escover – COVID-19 and the International Travel and Tourism Industry

Fiona Fathauer – Effect of the Pandemic on College Students

Allie Faubert – Covid 19: The Elder Population and the Vaccine

Hailee Fell – How the Dynamics of Higher Education have Changed During COVID-19

Taylor Fisher – Business Owners & COVID-19

Ava Foulke – How have High School Students been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Addison Gay – Effect of COVID-19 on High School Students

Alegria Godinez – Undergraduate Symposium Project

Vanessa Gutierrez – Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental Health of Nurses

Autumn Hadley – The Management of Autoimmune Disease During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Meikayah Hall – The Effects of COVID-19 on Families Around the World

Abigail Hamblin – How social isolation has affecting the mental health of young adults during the COVID-19 pandemic

Aria Handlon – Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Tennis Sport as a Whole

Justin Hosino – Symposium Project

Paulina Jimenez – COVID-19 Impact on First-Year College Students Mental Health

Aaliyah Johnson – How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the development of elementary age children as they have adjusted to life during the pandemic?

Jared Johnson – The effect of COVID-19 on Healthcare Education

Angel Khampha – Exploring The Mental Health of Skateboarders During COVID-19

Cora Lanphear – Distance Learning- Capturing the Experience of Education during COVID-19

Katie Larsen – College and the Coronavirus Pandemic – The Impacts on College Freshmen

Keane Law – COVID-19 and music

Payton Lewis – Mental Health for Families During COVID-19

Steven Ly – The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Lives of Healthcare Workers

Osvaldo Miranda – Boy’s & Girls Club and COVID-19

Rebecca Muhlestein – Effects of School Systems COVID-19 Response on Highschool and College Age Students

Emma Nicklaw – Mental Health of College Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Taylor Otterness – How Covid-19 Has Changed Sibling Relationships

Grace Panik – Mental Health of Student Athletes during COVID-19

Alyssa Pham – Children’s Physical Health and COVID-19

Anna Pierce – The Effects of COVID-19 on Students Entering the Medical Field

Brayden Powell – Coronavirus and ITP

Steven Prado-Serna – How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the mental health of those involved in healthcare

Will Rahter – How Covid-19 has affected the lives of stylists.

Hailey Riis – COVID-19 – Attacks From Both Sides

Kiara Romero – How has the COVID-19 Pandemic affected the unemployment rate in the United States?

Leah Russon – COVID-19 and the Pregnancy Experience

Annika Sanger – Social Workers and The Covid-19 Pandemic

Lily Sawyer – The Effects of the Coronavirus on College Athletes

Kelly Strope – The Impact of Covid-19 on Cancer Patients

Prayerie Trussell – The Mental Health of First Time Pregnant Women and Mothers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sophie Wojcicki – Hospital Restrictions due to the Coronavirus

Marily Zafllow – Catholic School during the pandemic

Zoë Ziebarth – College Students and COVID-19

Marissa Diener – Health Sciences LEAP

Habibo Abdi – Prenatal Education on Congenital Cytomegalovirus (cCMV) Improves Knowledge on cCMV

Abel Chavez – Determining the Efficacy of Educational Interventions in Changing Pregnant Women’s Hygiene Behaviors to Prevent Congenital Cytomegalovirus (cCMV)

Taylor Thompson – COVID-19 Has Impacted the Coping Strategies of Pediatric Oncology Patients Both Positively and Negatively

Ann Engar – Pre-Law LEAP

Hannah Amick, Maria Crago, Alex Duncan, Chloe Nash – San Antonio Independent District v. Rodriguez

Marisa Angulo, Kathleen Bradley, Andrew Oster – Miranda v. Arizona: How One Case Changed Policing in America Forever

Andrew Cannon, Holden Cheney, Matt McFarland, Jackson Taylor – The Impact of Citizens United v. FEC

Joshua Flickinger, Alyssa Henrie, Olivia Anderson, Asha Brown – Obergefell v Hodges Supreme Court Research Presentation

Emma Videla, Andrew Sonzini, Frannie Bengel  Kayla Flores – Roe v. Wade

Coco James – Community-Engaged LEAP, Food and Water Justice, Social & Behavioral Sciences LEAP

Perla Aceves – Effects of Greenness on Academic Success in Latina Girls

Lynn Allen – At What Point is Humanity Lost?

Ruzan Almutairi – Symposium Art Project

Nadine Bahati – Afrofuturism and hope

Barrett Banfield – The Flock of Society

Leah Beehler – I See You

Michael Brasso – Alone In The World

Baylee Bruce – Self-Harm

Lexie Caraveo – People increasing technology and myths growing from technology

Jacob Coopman – The Effects of Art on Mental Health

Hailee Davis – Daydreaming

Malena Dowling – We Deserve to Feel at Home In Our Bodies

Laurbong Gai – Monster

Drew Garcia – The Struggles of Parents with Disabled Children.

Megan Genetti – The Beauty of ART

Kelli Gomez – The association of in-service sexual harassment affects the severity of Post Traumatic Stress

Peri Halvorson – Symposium art project

Wyatt Hardesty – Rhetorical Strategies of the 21st Century

Lily Hines – The effect of adverse childhood experiences on adulthood

Wenqi Huang – Black and White, or Gray

Mateo Ismodes – Symposium Art Project

Ryan Jensen – Bioethics – A Look at Non-Humanity as a Catalyst For Our Own Humanity

Ravin Johnson – What Seperates Us From Animals

Hannah Jones – Media Distorts Our Morality

Annie Kopell – What Else Are You Missing Out On?

Grady Lambert – One set of eyes, two different sights

Barry Li – The love of the sunset

Joseph Lopez – Benefits of Vertical Farming in the United States for Urban Life

Summer Lujan – Visual Arts: Artist’s Statement

Harold Luu – Resurrection with technology could effect emotional health

Nandi Luvai – The Creature’s epiphanies

Hannah Marumoto – Black Women’s health disparities

McKenzie Maser – Human Connection

Joshua Matthews – Quicksand – The Sinking of Palestinian Diaspora Identity

Blaine Mauer – Art Symposium Project Homelessness

Theo Mazzone – Human Behavior

Yesica Medina Gutierrez – Lack of Mental Health Awareness for LGBTQ+ Minorities

Sydney Mendel – The Use of Technology in Education

Julia Middleton – Zombie Symposium Art Project

Madalene Middleton – Hearts Like Ours

Isaiah Ortiz – Disrupting Citizenship

Elsa Osborne – Neurodiverse Lived Experience

Kenny Peralta – The Unfolding of Racist America

Justin Phipps – Dehumanization of Criminals

 Markell Price – Dehumanizing People with Mental Illness through Stigmas

Troy Rainier – Mental wellbeing and social media

Jessica Ralston – Healing Racism Through Meditation & “The Ideal of Virtue Without Purity”

Lorelei Rentmeister – Childhood Sexual Abuse and Resiliency

Itzel Rivas – The Effects of Social Media On Our Mental Health

Cvetanka Rizvanovic – The Ultraviolet Underground

Izzy Rust – Empathy and Emotional Intelligence in Relation to Psychopathy.

Ava Sandberg – Queer Existence is Resistance

Daisia Sanders – The effects of Covid-19 depending on ones economical or social status

Thiago Santana – Unethical Human Experimentation

Lauren Shields – Sexual Recovery

Tyson Sommer – Gay Men and Conformity: Masculinity and Femininity

Rachel Straight – Depression in Females

Winston Sullivan – Escaping Loneliness, a Tragedy

Megan Taylor – Everyone’s different, but aren’t we all the same?

Kaden Terry – Artificial Intelligence and H/humans

Carrie Thompson – The Effects of Maternal Narcissism on Teenage Daughters

Simon Toribio – A Migrant’s Journey

Hill Tran – Ignorance Can Kill

 Alex Turner – Framing

Leah White – Analysis of Sexual Abuse of Elders in Nursing Homes

Nina Williams – Fairy Tale

Shay Wilson – Bare Bears: The Male Gaze and Exploitation of Women in Pornography

David Zhang – Woman Soldier

Rebecca Larsen – Health Professions LEAP

Cambree Bassett, Kate LaTona, Akilah Woodford-Sims – Should Extra Embryos Produced by IVF be Considered Children?

Grace Bridge, Morgan McMartin, Kaitlynn Neff, Shayne Steinzeig – Punishing Women for Exposing Their Fetus to Risk?

Peyton Cagle, William Houghton, Carmen Nieznanski, Louis Valles, Sophie Wong – Physician Assisted Suicide is Ethical

Olivia Flosi, Gabrielle Kan, Sadie Norris, Faith Smart – Physician’s assistance in executions

Gianessa Gambetta, Rebekah Hardman, Thomas Phan, Malia Teets – Human Embryo’s Moral Standing

Viviana Garcia, Kailee Klus, Liza Tolton – Federal DNA Data Banks? No Thanks!

Brittney Hackett, Daniel Heo, Laura Menlove – Why Should Physician Assisted Suicide be Legalized in All U.S. States

Joshua Rivkin – Arts LEAP 

Sylvie Andrews, Jackson Chambers, Luc Labbe, Jenny Nordgaard – Food Deserts: Looking at the Physical and Economic Barriers

Christian Armstrong, Ashley Bautista, Cait Hawkins, Kristen Oliva – Justice for Bernardo: Finding Peace Through Protest Art

Lana Ballenot, Katie Kendall, Joseph Nelson, Sydney Palma – Salt Lake City’s Japantown

Emmy Darling, Taylor Jones, Kaelan Maxfield, Emily Tippets – Youth Suicides in Salt Lake County

April Radford, Eddie Raines, Aubrey Terry – Air Quality and Income Inequality in Salt Lake City Schools

Jennifer Seagrave – Engineering LEAP

Ahmed Aldossary – CR7

Aziz Aldossary – Space

Alexander Carhart – What Are They Thinking About?

Hunter Chak – Utah’s Natural Wonders and Why We Need to Take Care of Them

Shaun Cluff – LEAP 1500 Zine Project

Zoe Czaja – Liberal Country Singers Zine

Christopher DeChant – My Day in The Backcountry

Ben Fuchs – More Experience Zine

Luke Hartung – My Life Through Greek Gods

Tylor Mahoney – Dice Of My Life

Semrah Odobasic – Maintaining your Computer

Kevin Pineda – A View of a Life

Stephanie Smith – University of Utah Marching Band Zine

Lynne South – Planets

Eric Stickley – A Traveler’s Guide to Traveling

Jordan Tan – This is a Zine about Meta

Seetha Veeraghanta – Engineering LEAP

Nichols Crawford Taylor – LEAP 1500 Final Zine

Lydia Hall – A Historical Moose-hap

Mason Jacketta – Zine of Talmage and Aidan

Dat Lam – Zine of the Stories

Jordan Smith – Zine Final

Nora Wood – Health Professions LEAP

Roshanna Agah, Collin Barnett, Christina Reed, Ann Smith, Alex Torres Rosas – Hispanic Americans and the Impact of COVID-19

Salam Alzouabi, Sia Chauhan, Ivan Delgado, Emily Singer, Haley Utendorfer – Black Americans and the Effects of COVID-19

Laila Batar, Violet Gonzales, Maddie Klement, Dustin Lee, Darby Rei, Carter Rojecki – Impact of COVID-19 in Nursing Homes

Audra Carles, Saham Mohamed, Lily Griffin, Dante De And a, Isabella Reina – COVID-19: The impact on Native Americans

Maycee Carter, Vivian Pinnell, Kyla Simmons, Logan Weber, Katie Young – The Impact of COVID-19 on Nursing Homes

Stephanie Castillo Ubieta, Jocelyn Gale, Sam Hakanson, Channing Lomax, Whitney Young – Native Americans and the Impact of Covid 19

Matthew Cheng, Moises Santiago Gonzalez, Melody Liu – Impact Of COVID-19 On The Hispanic/Latino American Population

George Conde, Emily Rhodes – Healthcare Discrepancies: Covid-19 and African-American Populations

Samuel Goshgarian, Andrew Stauffer, Jocelyn Williamson – Native Americans and Alaska Indians and the Impact of COVID-19

Nicole Halenkamp, Brigham Debry, Kaya James, Gabriella Herrera, Grace Makassa – Black Americans and the Impact of COVID-19

Brooklyn Rapp, Baylie Johnson – Assisted Living/Nursing Home Patients and COVID-19

Oaklee Toone, Lily Christensen, Alex Sadler, Ariana Bustamante, Ceyda Ural – The Impacts of COVID-19 on Hispanic Americans