Ryan Jensen – Bioethics – A Look at Non-Humanity as a Catalyst For Our Own Humanity

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Faculty mentor: Coco James

Artist’s Statement: Through evaluating non-human participants through a bioethical lens, researchers can gain a better insight on moral considerations that ought to be made for these non-human participants and by extension, understand how those moral considerations contrast with human participants to gain a better understanding of our own humanity.
In my analysis, my aim is to give the viewer a sense of awe when looking at some of the background imagery. Massive skyscrapers, DNA, laboratories and everything else was meant to allow the viewer to deeply think about the role science has played in the development of our humanity. The eerie music in the background is meant to contrast the images and have the user on edge while in awe at the constructs of human innovation. This contrast is directly symbolic of the dual nature of science that is touched on in the video.

Human exceptionalism is a point I always come back to as research on animals, and by extension, moral considerations of non-humans in general always comes back to it. The way we view ourselves as a species greatly contrasts the way we view any other species to a point we assign different moral philosophies depending on if the participant is human or not.
The use of the Jurassic Park quote at the beginning of the video analysis is used to set the stage for the themes presented in this video. “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.” This quote is directly symbolic of how important bioethics is in terms of research. It is vitally important for researchers to stop and think about the ethics of their research because people have suffered in the past to horrifying extents.
My aim was to leave the viewer feeling inspired but aware of natural human biases. I want to inspire that sense of awe that many scientists feel when making a revolutionary discovery. I intend for the viewer to think about why we bind science to ethics and the importance in doing so.  

Watch my presentation below!
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